Vinayak Damodar Savarkar
President – 23rd Marathi literature festival.

Vishnu Sakharam Khandekar
President – 26th Marathi literature festival.

Purshottam Lakshman Deshpande
President – 50th Marathi literature festival.

Vidyadhar Sambhajirao Gohale
President – 66th Marathi literature festival.

Akhil Bhartiya Marathi Sahitya Mahamandal

Many Marathi literary institutes have been working in Maharashtra since pre-independence days. It was in the sammelan at Karwar in 1951, that it was proposed to establish a central literary institution to bring co-ordination in the aims and policies of these institutions as well as to provide them an able leadership. This dream could be realized only in 1960, that too with the active support of many stalwarts. Thus the Akhil Bhartiya Marathi Sahitya Mahamandal was formally established.

Mumbai Marathi Sahitya Sangha, Maharashtra Sahitya Parishad Pune, Vidarbha Sahitya Sangha, Nagpur and Marathwada Sahitya Parishad, Aurangabad are the founder members of the Mahamandal and are recognized as its permanent Ghatak Sanstha. Registered literary institutes from states other than Maharashtra which represent the entire state, as well as from other countries representing the entire country, can be accepted in the Mahamandal as Samavishta Sanstha. Currently such institutes in the Mahamandal are Marathi Sahitya Parishad (Hyderabad), Marathi Sahitya Seva Mandal (Goa), Karnataka State Marathi Sahitya Parishad (Gulbarga), Chhattisgarh Marathi Sahitya Parishad (Bilaspur), Madhyapradesh Marathi Sahitya Parishad (Bhopal). If the institute does not represent the whole state, it is called Saalagna Sanstha. Marathi Wangmay Parishad (Baroda) is the only Saalagna Sanstha now.Every Ghatak Sanstha can send three representatives, every Samavishta Sanstha one, and all the others together can send maximum three representatives to the Mahamandal. The administrative office of the Mahamandal rotates among the Ghatak Sansthas after every three years in the following order – 1> Mumbai Marathi Sahitya Sangha, Mumbai 2> Maharashtra Sahitya Parishad, Pune 3> Vidarbha Sahitya Sangha, Nagpur and 4> Marathwada Sahitya Parishad, Aurangabad.

The purpose / aim of the Mahamandal is to co-ordinate the aims and activities of the various institutes working in the field of Marathi language, literature & culture and to work for the existence and & development of Marathi as a language. Accordingly, organizing an All India Marathi literary festival, if possible every year, is also a part of Mahamandal’s work. The first such festival, organized by the Mahamandal was at Hyderabad. Prof. W.L. Kulkarni, well known critic and an active member of Mumbai Marathi Sahitya Sangha, was elected president of this festival. Mumbai Marathi Sahitya Sangha has always participated meaningfully in the activities of the Mahamandal. The first meeting of the Mahamandal was held at Mumbai Marathi Sahitya Sangha on 2nd October 1961. After that the administrative office of the Mahamandal came to Mumbai Marathi Sahitya Sangha for three years first in 1986, then in 1998 and recently in 2010. On 1st April 2013, the office shifts to Maharashtra Sahitya Parishad, Pune.

Organizing All India Marathi literary festivals is one of the activities of the Mahamandal. These festivals, which were modest in the beginning, are growing larger and larger every year. Samelans at Karad, Nagar, Solapur, Nashik, Sangli, Chandrapur, Chiplun saw record attendance. There was enthusiastic response to all the programmes which went on for full three days. Many senior writers from the Indian languages have often remarked that such festivals are rare in other Indian languages. Books are sold in huge numbers in the book-exhibition attached to the festival. On the whole, it can be said that this festival of the Marathi language is getting more and more popular and grand. The Mahamandal organized its first International Marathi Sahitya Sammelan at San Jose (America) with the co-operation of Bay Area Maharashtra Mandal in 2009. The second International Marathi Sahitya Sammelan was held in Dubai in 2010 and the third, at Singapore in 2011.

Akhil Bharatiya Marathi Sahitya Mahamadal leads the Akhil Bharatiya Marathi Sahitya Sammelan.

There are three office bearers of Akhil Bharatiya Marathi Sahitya Mahamandal from the Ghatak Sanstha.

President, Secretary, Treasurer.

The vice president is selected from Samavishta Sanstha.