Auditoriums / Reference Library

Dr. A. N. Bhalerao Auditorium

  This auditorium, which includes ground & first floor, has the capacity to accommodate 816 persons. In this air-conditioned auditorium with latest facilities, various cultural programmes like professional / experimental plays, dances, folk art, school functions and literary festivals are frequently organized.

Dr. B.N. Purandare Lecture Hall

  Dr. B.N. Purandare Lecture Hall is on the 5th floor of the Sangha building. It can accommodate an audience of 120 persons and is useful for small functions, professional meetings and music programmes.
  Reservation of Dr. A. N. Bhalerao Auditorium is with Shri. Rohidas Pange.
Telephone number : (022) 2385 6303
Ext : 27

Gajendragadkar Memorial Reference Library

  A resolution to start a reference library in the name of Prof. A. B. Gajendragadkar, one of the Sahitya sangha founder members, was passed in the meeting of the executive body of the sangha, held on 17th November 1947.

Shri. A. A. Gajendragadkar handed over a large collection of books made by his father to the Sahitya sangha, to start this library. Shri. R. D. Karve also gifted his collection of books. Shri. S. B. Shirgaonkar, Shri. Agaskar and several other members also contributed to the collection.

The library has about 14,700 books written in Marathi, Sanskrit and English. They include dictionaries, literature manuals, novels, short story collections, plays and books about plays, books on philosophy as well as several periodicals.

Many research students have benefitted from this reference library.

The library is on the 4th floor of the Sangha building.